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Why is Felt Paper Used on a Roof?

Felt paper in most cases is used to form a release between 2 different type of roof materials, i.e. wood and the asphalt. However, years ago prior the weatherization of our lumber, it was used to prevent sap from the […]

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What is the Difference between Skylights, Roof Windows, or Sky Windows?

Here at B&K, this is a common question that we have received from both our residential windows and commercial  windows clients here in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. To answer this question in a very simple way, there is […]

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Do I Have Flashing Damage?

Here at B&K, various customers have asked us this question, which is, “Do I Have Flashing Damage on My Roof?” Roof Flashing is a material traditionally made up of either galvanized steel or aluminum. If it is utilized correctly, it […]

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