Things to Consider in the Cost of Roof Repair

At B & K Construction, we always bear in mind the budget range of our customers. This is why prior to providing them with an initial estimate, we inform them of factors that will definitely affect the pricing. If your […]

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7 Factors Affecting Your Roof’s Life Span

Since our roofs serve as part of the first line of defense against outside elements, it is imperative that it remains in tip top shape. Although we cannot control the harsh weather and other forces of nature, we can still […]

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Siding Selection Guide: Tips in Finding the Right Siding for Your Home

Here at B & K Construction, we are often asked by our customers for recommendations on choice of color and style for their roofs. This sometimes includes the choice of sidings to match. There are many ways to go about […]

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Keller Roofing Company

B&K provides Keller Texas affordable and reliable roofing services to both homeowners and business owners alike. So if you or a loved one has received any damage due to wind, rain, or hail or just have regular wear and tear. […]

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Ft Worth Roofing Company Review

Here is a Video Review of our roofing services in fort worth, Testimonial that we Received from a Satisfied Client.. This client was based in the Fort Worth Texas area. For this client, we replaced her entire house due to […]

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Euless TX #1 Roofing Company

B&K offers comprehensive roofing services here in the Euless Texas area. However for more information about us or about our services please watch this quick video. For a Free Roof Estimate Give Us a Call @ (817) 201-0955  

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How Clogged Gutters Cause Roof Leaks

Gutters are meant to prevent water from building up in your roof by directing it into the downspout and out of your home. They don’t have to be of primary concern unless they are uninstalled properly or clogged. When there […]

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Common Window Problems in Your Home

Here at B&K Construction, we are often asked by our clients about the most common risks or damages that their windows might encounter. Windows, considered as the eyes of your home, have been there for ventilation, light, energy conservation, and […]

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How to Find a Good Roofing Company?

Finding the right roofing company in Dallas & Ft Worth Texas area, who can meet your needs and budget can be tough, especially if you are going to start searching from scratch. This is mainly because a good, solid roof […]

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Does Cracked Vent Booting Cause Roof Leaks?

Here at B&K Construction LLC, we receive various questions all the time about roof leaks and what causes them. Example of this is; does Cracked Vent Booting Cause Roof Leaks? This is a very common question one here in the […]

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