How Do You Prevent Roof Algae?

This is another common question that we receive from our clients quite often here in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. Since roof algae can have a significant impact upon any residential or commercial curb appear and/or property value. Stop […]

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Why is Felt Paper Used on a Roof?

Felt paper in most cases is used to form a release between 2 different type of roof materials, i.e. wood and the asphalt. However, years ago prior the weatherization of our lumber, it was used to prevent sap from the […]

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What is the Difference between Skylights, Roof Windows, or Sky Windows?

Here at B&K, this is a common question that we have received from both our residential windows and commercial  windows clients here in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. To answer this question in a very simple way, there is […]

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Do I Have Flashing Damage?

Here at B&K, various customers have asked us this question, which is, “Do I Have Flashing Damage on My Roof?” Roof Flashing is a material traditionally made up of either galvanized steel or aluminum. If it is utilized correctly, it […]

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What is The Importance of a Roof Pitch?

This is generally a difficult question to answer for steep roofs traditionally collect less debris and leaves which holds moisture or water, which invites water damage from the growth of moss or even algae. However on the other side of […]

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When Do Asphalt Shingle Roofs Needs to Be Replaced?

When it comes to replacement there are traditionally a ton of clues, but let first start with the general age of the roof. If the roof age exceeds 20 years in general there is very good chance that needs to […]

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