Gutter & Downspout Services

B&K Construction offers a wide arrange of gutters for both residential and commercial buildings in the DFW Texas area. All of our gutter installations will be tailored to the specific needs of each customer. We know that commercial installations will require different methods of installation than residential, and both will have their specific purposes as well. We will use this opportunity to showcase our specialized knowledge in gutter installation and our professionals will install sets of gutter which are both functional and pleasing to the eyes, as well as match the pre-existing structure.

Types of Gutters

– Open gutters – These are the most commonly used gutters in today market place for both commercial and residential. They offer the easiest opportunity for cleaning and maintenance as well as come in several attractive materials, styles, and colors, which will fit any need.

– Continuous or Seamless Gutters – More and more homes are opting for these convenient gutters which reduce mess and clean up.

– Half Round Gutters – Are found most often on homes built around the turn of the century. They give a different type of aesthetics to a home or building and may be something you want to consider.

– Plastic and Vinyl Gutters –Although these are not as common these days, they offer a cheaper and easy to install type of gutter for any home.

– Integral Gutters – Even though this gutter type where most popular during the 1960’s they have found their way onto many homes because of their beauty and unique design.

– Other Types of Gutters – Gutters are available in several other types as well depending on needs and availability. Some of these other types of gutters could include aluminum, copper, steel, wood, box, and fascia, rainpro, and leaf guard type gutters.

Please contact us to find out more about gutter types and their availability.

Custom Gutters for all Applications

Anyone living or running a business in the DFW area will require gutters to help keep their home or business free from leaks, water damage, and debris. These gutters can be designed to fit any need or type of building; they give opportunity to create a new visual depth as well since they are one of the focal points of a home or business. B&K Construction will design you unique gutters for your place of residence or establishment of any kind, our specialized knowledge will guarantee that the gutters serve their proper function and look good at the same time.

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