Haag Engineering

Haag Engineer’s roofing competence is unrivaled. Their engineers have actually been forensically assessing roof covering for over 60 years, and also performing research/testing research and peer-reviewed technical papers on roof covering which prolong back to the 1960s.

Their designers will examine damage to roofing which has occurred due to created problems, building deficiencies, too much loading, weather condition and also seismic events, mechanical damages, maintenance problems and other sources. Haag has a near century-long track record of evaluating harm induced by climate sensations, consisting of hail, snow, ice, wind, tornado rise, flooding, lightning, twisters, and storms. Currently, along with forensic assessments, they provide desaturation, core elimination and also various other kinds of laboratory analysis via our Research/Testing Department.

Their roofs are known for their dependability and functionality which has been derived from almost a hundred years of research and testing.

Why B&K Roofing?

Haag is one of the big names of roofing, and one of the most widely used roof types in the country. As a licensed installation expert of HAAG products, B&K Roofing and Siding of Dallas/Fort Worth is the perfect company to have install your roof and take care of all your roofing needs.

Roofing needs to be built tough and durable. It also has to be able to stand up to the elements and general wear and tear that happens. HAAG are known for their reliability and long life span. Our team of highly trained professionals will install a roof for you, which will function at optimal levels for years to come.