Roof Types

The roof is an essential component of every building; it protects the people from weather, keeps out pest, and is a focal point for aesthetic purposes. Every roof type has a different purpose and its own unique look and feel. The need and style of the roof will depend entirely on the structure and design as well as the need of the owner. Commercial buildings have roofs that are generally built for functionality first and aesthetics second and residential are vice versa.

Your need could be completely different and B&K understands that, that’s why we approach each roofing job from its own unique approach to design and install a roof which is ideal for the need of the building and to match the existing exterior and its surroundings.

Here is a List of Different Types of Roofs

High PitchAlso known as a steep pitched roof, this is when the ratio is at 9:12 – 20:12 and is considered to be a more desirable look.

AsphaltYou can select from either shingles or roll on for this roof type.

Build UpsA membrane type roof consisting of varying layers of different materials.

CedarA shake or shingle type roof, excellent for the insulation of large homes.

FlatUsed in both commercial and residential applications, there are generally four types.

MetalMade from various pieces or shingles and metal types depending on the need.

SlateSingle tiles are placed together to create a roof, made from metamorphic rock.

TileComes in several types and is commonly made from ceramic material although it is available in stone, metal and even glass.

Why B&K Construction?

Your safety is our first priority, and second is your satisfaction. Our team of skilled roofers will install a roof to meet your expectations in a timely and affordable manner. Our years of experience and numerous completed jobs give us the versatility needed to complete any job. The materials we select are always top of the line and as always we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.