Build Up Roofs

The built up roof is one of the most common roofs used in commercial applications across the United States. However it is important to note that they are also installed on many residential homes as well because of their affordability and durable long lasting life. A professionally installed built up roof can last as long as 25-30 years and come standard with 10-20 year warranties.

The gravel and tar system used in the construction of these roofs is the most traditional type and makes for a very reliable and waterproof seal that is perfect for protecting any home or business. With modern advancements built up roofs also come in different materials like fiberglass and other synthetics.

The Benefits of Build Up’s

  • High tolerance to heat with a certain level of flame resistance depending on the material
  • Makes for a very attractive deck in front of windows that are positioned with a view of the roof
  • One of the cheapest of all roofs with a very durable long life

Why B&K Build Up’s?

Our main objective is to keep you safe followed by a quality installation of your new built up roof. Our professional team of skilled roofers will use the latest methods in the roofing industry to install a roof that is idea for your current situation. Our years of experience in dealing with built up roofs of all types allows us to take on any job. We also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.