Flat Roofing

Just like every aspect of all buildings, a roof is built to specific industry standards and is very straightforward in most regards.

However, at B&K Construction of Fort Worth Texas we believe that along with meeting the required industry specifications the roof must also match all of the other traits and characteristics of the building under construction. We will then use our assessment to give a calculated estimate on the cost of the project and length of time required to complete it.

Our specialized knowledge in this area of flat roofing will be used to give the client the best possible roof with the least possible impact on the business or home. B&K Construction has earned a reputation as a trusted service provider of high quality flat roof installation, maintenance, repair, and construction of any kind.

Types of Flat Roofs

Johns Mansfield – These are tough asphalt type shingles; these are typically reserved for commercial applications and are extremely heavy duty and built to last. They come in several colors and sizes, and are perfect for any industrial setting.  John Mansfield Roofing has been in operation for more than 75 years and is well respected.

Durolast Roofing – This is a custom single ply pre-fabricated type of roofing. Durolast is created from a UV and weather resistant, as well as flam retardant. It is versatile and comes in several different colors. The Durolast name is spoken with trust and confidence.

Carlyle – This is another type of single-ply membrane roofing; it is known to hold up admirably in nearly every weather type and is perfect for massive commercial installations. The Carlyle name is respected throughout the roofing industry.

Firestone – The name is known for quality, and every type of roof designed by Firestone is known for its durability and toughness.  The company has been building roofing for installation for more than 30 years and is a well reputed brand.

Versico – This is single ply type roofing that is tough, durable, and resistant to all types of weather and conditions. The Versico brand name holds well and is used by commercial and industrial institutions across the county.

Why B&K Flat Roofs?

We will help to determine which of these roof types will be best for your needs and current budget plan. B&K Construction of Fort Worth guarantees a uniquely crafted roof and 100% customer satisfaction.