High Pitch Roofs

The roofs slope is typically called the pitch. To determine the pitch of a roof you have to calculate it using a specific ratio of the rise in inches compared to every horizontal foot of length. High pitched roofs not to be confused with steep sloped roofs have a ratio that is between 9:12 to 20:12.

To better give an understanding that means that on a 9:12 there is nine inches of vertical rise for every foot of horizontal length.  In general terms there is low and high pitch roofing. High pitch roofing is commonly referred to as residential type roofing because it is the most commonly found type of roofing on homes in the United States. And low pitch roofing is commonly called commercial roofing, once again that is only because it is the type most often used in commercial applications

The High Pitch Benefits

  • Generally more appealing for aesthetic purposes
  • Last longer than that of low pitch as it sheds water and waste more efficiently
  • Generally cooler as it is subject to less U/V activity

Why B&K Roofing?

Your safety is the most important aspect in any job and only second to your satisfaction. Our professional roofing team will help to determine the best pitched roof for your new home or business. Our experience in numerous jobs consisting of installing high pitched roofs gives us the skill needed to complete any type of roofing job. We only use the best material and always deliver 100% customer satisfaction.