Slate Roofing

While constructing a functional roof is of great importance, here at B&K Construction we also believe that the roof must meet the aesthetics of the building. We will use our experience and vast knowledge of working with slate to design you a beautiful roof. While at the same time giving you a fair estimate and a realistic time frame for completion for both your home or business. Our background in working with slate over the years has also given us one of the best reputations in the DFW area. However since slate roofs are beautiful, strong, and add a nice touch to any building, below are a few of the options that we carry and offer.

Types of Slate Roofs

Texture Roofs – Rough-textured style slates, different colors, and varied thicknesses are used to create a fully custom and unique looking style roof.

Shingle Roofs – More uniformed patterns of overlap make for a cleaner less rustic look to this type of slate roof.

Graduated Roofs – Uses varying size slates of different thickness where the larger slates are usually found at the eaves.

Tailored Roofs – We will help to determine how to effectively install a slate roof which will be structurally sound to your building while delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

Why B&K?

B & K of Dallas, Fort Worth Texas will use our advanced knowledge of slate roofs to help determine the best course of action for your project. We will create a high quality design and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Simple said B&K Construction offers a full suite of slate roofing options that can’t be matched in the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas market. To receive a Free Estimate Contact Us Today either via phone or via the contact form located on this page.

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