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3 Ways We Determine The Right Gutter Size

Since gutters can come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The team here at B&K Roofing & Construction has the expertise and knowledge to help you determine the right size gutters for your either your home or business based here in the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area. Below is some of the factors that we use to determine the match for your property.


1. Calculate The Drainage Area

We will look at the drainage area of your roof to determine the size gutter you need. Ideally, bigger roofs will need larger gutters and smaller roofs are fine with a smaller gutter.

The way we calculate your drainage area is by multiplying the length and width of all parts of your roof and adding them together. Determining the drainage area can be simple if you have a straightforward roof, however it can be difficult if you have a complex roof.


2. Determine The Pitch of Your Roof

The slope of your roof will also play a part in the size of the gutter you need. The steeper your roof, the larger the gutter you will need. This is because your roof acts like a waterslide of sorts, sending water to your gutter at high speeds.


3. Determine Rainfall Intensity

Another factor in determining the size and number of gutters we need is the rainfall intensity in Dallas, Fort Worth area. This information can be gathered from the US Weather Bureau. Typically, our area, we can receive up to 7.6 inches of water in an hour but this will always vary from storm to storm.

Above you can see the 3 factors that we utilize to determine your gutter size regardless if it is a residential or commercial property. However if you are wanting more information beyond this or looking for general color and price information give us a call today. For at B&K Roofing and Construction, we offer free estimates on any gutter job i.e. new construction, repair, and replacement in the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area.

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