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When Do Asphalt Shingle Roofs Needs to Be Replaced?

When it comes to replacement there are traditionally a ton of clues, but let first start with the general age of the roof. If the roof age exceeds 20 years in general there is very good chance that needs to be replaced for efficiency and for overall aesthetics of the home or business. However that does not mean a younger roof does not need to be replaced due to failure or due to damage i.e. hail storm damage, wind damage, fire, or any other occurrence. With this being said it is always good to have the roof inspected at least once a year. Keep in mind though this can be done through seeing devices like binoculars and no need to get on a ladder or a roof.

Now when you look at the roof, keep a look out for a lot of shingles being lifted up, missing or overall cracked, having curled edges, or is very smooth which causes dark areas on the roof. Another technique to determine damage is to go into the attic during the day with the lights off and look for pinhole spots of lights coming into the attic, traditionally these are found around chimneys and the vents. Lastly while you are in the attic scan the general sheathing of the roof for any and all signs of new water staining since the last general inspection.

If you find any problems please do not hesitate and call B&K Construction today and receive a FREE Roof Inspection regardless how big the job may be. For more information please give us a call today.

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