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Benefits of Drip Edge Flashing for Your Roof

We at B&K Roofing proudly offer drip edge installations: a kind of flashing designed to help waterproof a roof. Through the years we have received a lot of positive feedbacks on its effectiveness. Still, we are often asked: Are they worth it?

If you are curious if they can be of help to your home or business, we’ve prepared a set of pointers to help you understand the benefits of installing drip edge. Give them a read and see if they’re the right fit for your roofing needs!



Drip edge flashing is installed along the edges of a shingle to help push water off the surface of a roof. On top of the added efficiency to water shedding, they also help keep water from seeping in between the deck and fascia. Finally, drip edges cover the entire area of your roof’s edge, meaning driving rains during high wind won’t be a problem.

In other words, drip edges help your home withstand water damage, roof leaks, and rot over a longer period of time. They help water slide off, keep it from seeping in between the layers of your roof, and even protect against water carried by strong winds.


Reduction of Movement between Deck and Fascia

The deck and fascia are two separate layers of your roof that tend to move independently of each other, causing them to grate together when the walls of your structure move (either due to seismic activity, or the activity of your building’s inhabitants).

Installing drip edge flashing helps reduce movement between these two layers, and prevents damage from occurring over the lifespan of the average residential or commercial building.


Other Benefits

One interesting benefit of drip-proofing is that it covers the underside of your roof’s edge, sealing off gaps that vermin and insects might use to find their way into your walls, attic, or upper floor.

Finally, drip edges help keep your gutters intact by preventing the kinds of damage that cause them to come loose or fall off as time goes by.

Drip edges are a great investment in maximizing your roof’s life span. Call us at B&K Roofing today to personally learn more and if it is compatible with your existing roof in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. You can also visit our blog again to discover other kinds of flashing. Thank you.

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