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Does Broken or Cracked Shingles Cause Roof Leaks?

Here at B&K, we receive various questions all the time about roof leaks and what causes them. Example of this is; Does Broken or Cracked Shingles Cause Roof Leaks? This is a very common question  most of the roofers in the Dallas Ft Worth Texas area face.

The short answer to this question is Sometimes. However since these are fairly easy to identify or spot, it is easy to fix and replace.

Keep in mind though, shingles can be caused to crack by either weather conditions like hail storms or wind, or it can be simply just be general wear and tear upon your residential or commercial roof.

So as long as the rest of the shingles is in good condition, you can usually just replace the bad or broken ones. This is done by, lifting the edge of the shingles that does cover the broken or cracked shingle. Then place the new replacement shingle in place, nail it with roofing nails, & then utilize sealant to prevent links. Afterwards lay the surround shingles back down to finalize the simple leak repair.

Why B&K Today?

Even if you fix the initial cause of the leak the rest of the roof need to inspect to ensure that structural integrity is firm and steadfast. So contact us today and receive a FREE Roof Inspection to ensure there is no further damage in your home or in your roof system. For more information about roof leak topics or general roofing come back and visit us often.

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