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Can My Metal Building or Roof Be Struck By Lightning?

Here at B&K Roofing & Construction, this is one of those questions that we commonly receive during the installation process of a metal building or a metal roof here in the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area. An to answer this question, the short answer is, yes, your building can be struck by lightning. But, that doesn’t mean you are more susceptible or have a greater chance of receiving a lightning strike because you have a metal.

Lightning can strike anywhere at any time, it doesn’t pick and choose based on the materials on the ground. In fact, lightning is far more concerned with what’s happening in the air rather than on the ground.

The location of where it will discharge has more to do with the movement of the storm in relation to the geography and topography of the area. So when lightning is ready to discharge, it will do so regardless of the type of structures are nearby.


What If Lightning Strikes Metal?

Even if there is no greater risk added, there still is the chance your metal roof or metal building may get struck by lightning. Again, being under a metal roof or in a metal building puts in no further danger even if the building gets struck. In fact, it may even be safer compared to the counterparts.

This is because metal roofs and buildings are far less likely to catch on fire if struck. Other roofs and buildings alike are typically made of materials that can be flammable and/or prone to ignition. Despite common beliefs in fear, a metal structure can survive a lightning strike with less damage taken than other materials.


Limit Damage With a Lightning Rod Protection System

You have probably heard that you may want to take additional precautions to protect your building from lightning strikes by installing a lighting rod system (LPS). While an LPS won’t prevent lightning from striking, it will greatly limit the damage.

When lightning hits your building the LPS will dissipate the lightning strike’s harmful electricity safely to the ground. This will protect the structural integrity of your building. It will also protect the people inside, along with the communications and the electrical circuits.

If the above comments did you not put your mind at ease don’t fret contact B&K Roofing & Construction here in the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area today. Our expertise in both metal roofs and metal buildings will be able to answer any question or handle any task that you may have.


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