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Common Window Problems in Your Home

damage than walls or roof Here at B&K Construction, we are often asked by our clients about the most common risks or damages that their windows might encounter. Windows, considered as the eyes of your home, have been there for ventilation, light, energy conservation, and protection against weather. However, they are more vulnerable to damage than walls or roof even.

Surprisingly enough, windows are often neglected through time. More often the damage gets noticed only when it gets too glaring; and by that time it might cost you to have it repaired or replaced. Like any part of the house, they still need regular inspection and maintenance. Below are some of the most common window problems you need to watch out for.

Damage from Physical Impact and Weather

It can be ironic when you think about how windows can be your home’s first line of defense against weather and other external elements yet they are made of glass. This is mainly why your windows will always be vulnerable to instant damages like dents, cracks, holes, and splitting.

Extreme weather such as hail, snow, rain, and strong heat can eat away the strength of your glass and make it more brittle through time. One day it might suddenly crack and break without prior notice. Humidity can also seep in moisture and lead to the deterioration of your window sash.

Meanwhile, there are also other possible causes of damage like birds flying to the glass, random baseballs, or acts of vandalism. Once damage has been done, we strongly suggest that you address it right away to avoid people inside your home from getting injured from the broken glass.

Aging Window

Even well-maintained windows will still eventually face the effects of wear and tear. The aging process quickens though through the help of wrong installation, weather conditions, and moisture. If you think it’s time for your window to finally retire, try to have it replaced with more longer-lasting material and installed properly by trusted contractors.

Damage from Building or Structural Movement

This can happen suddenly or gradually, depending on the deterioration of the foundation and structure and its effect on the frame of the window. Structural movement, especially of a building, can cause window frames to distort, window sash to deteriorate, and glass to crack or get jammed.

Aside from the above-mentioned problems, you also need to watch out for drafty windows, condensation between multi-pane glass, and non-functioning flashing.

For more information on window damages, repair, and maintenance, please visit our blog soon as we update it from time to time. Thank you.

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