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Does Cracked Flashing Cause Roof Leaks?

Here at B&K, we receive various questions all the time about roof leaks and what causes them. Example question is; Does Cracked Flashing Cause Roof Leaks? Is a common one here in the Dallas Ft Worth Texas roofing marketplace.

The short answer to this question is Yes. The bottom line is roof flashing is a thin metal sheeting that traditionally sounds skylights, chimneys, and roof windows to name a few.

Since roof flashing can crack long before any roof system that needs to be replaced or it can simply just wear out. This should be inspected on a normal basis by a trained eye through regular maintenance and upkeep.

However to fix the roof leak problem, you simply remove the old piece of flashing and replace it with a new a piece that is in the same size and dimensions. This material is traditionally secured with roofing nails, so make sure to cover any nail head with the proper sealant to prevent further damage.

Why B&K Today?

Even if you fix the initial cause of the leak the rest of the roof need to inspect to ensure that structural integrity is firm and steadfast. So contact us today and receive a FREE Roof Inspection to ensure there is no further damage in your home or in your roof system. For more information about roof leak topics or general roofing come back and visit us often.

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