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Does Cracked Vent Booting Cause Roof Leaks?

Here at B&K Construction LLC, we receive various questions all the time about roof leaks and what causes them. Example of this is; does Cracked Vent Booting Cause Roof Leaks? This is a very common question one here in the Dallas Ft Worth Texas area.

First the vent booting is any stack line, vent i.e. gas, or plastic pipe that extends above the roof and has a boot around the base. This boot or escutcheon is meant to prevent any unwanted water from coming in or around the base of vent.

However over time, like anything else it can become crack, which will allow the unwanted water to come in.

So to answer the question can, Cracked Vent Booting Cause Roof Leaks? The answer is simply Yes.

To fix this situation utilize a pry bar to loosen and to pry up the old outdated boot. Slide in the new boot in the desired location, then seal this by utilizing the right sealant or caulk for your roof shingles.

Why B&K Today?

Even if you fix the initial cause of the leak the rest of the roof need to inspect to ensure that structural integrity is firm and steadfast. So contact us today and receive a FREE Roof Inspection to ensure there is no further damage in your home or in your roof system. For more information about roof leak topics or general roofing come back and visit us often.

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