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What is the Difference between Skylights, Roof Windows, or Sky Windows?

Here at B&K, this is a common question that we have received from both our residential windows and commercial  windows clients here in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.

To answer this question in a very simple way, there is not a whole bunch of difference. Simply because any assembled window or opening that is protected by glass and that let in or admits natural light through any roof regardless of the type or style can be called a Skylight.

Depending on the manufacture however they may use the term “Roof Window” thus describes a relative large skylight, which is placed in a low elevation or height to enable folks and consumers to appear out and look at the natural landscape and sky.

Tip: Skylight enables you to see the sky, while the Roof Windows allows you to see the sky and land around the designated property.

Tip: Also Roof Windows are traditionally large to escape through incase of emergency like a fire on the property, which is seldom the case with any Skylight.

Lastly the term “Sky Windows” is not nearly as common as the other two but it is once again depends on the manufacturer of this product. This window or product unlike it counterparts which can be used on any roof type or style; these are usually used on flat roofs.

So if you are looking for a Skylight, Roof Window, or Sky Window for either your home or business here in the Dallas, Ft Worth Texas area contact us today via phone or via web contact form on this site for a Free Consultation.

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