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Do I Have Flashing Damage?

Here at B&K, various customers have asked us this question, which is, “Do I Have Flashing Damage on My Roof?”

Roof Flashing is a material traditionally made up of either galvanized steel or aluminum. If it is utilized correctly, it will be used to cover the joints between the roof and the wall of the building. This product if properly installed will prevent and divert water from seeping into any building or structure, which can and will cause damage.

However depending on building or home roof style, most likely there are potential valleys, which can be found around any pipe or chimney, and/or any window or skylight.

Tip: Most damage for flashing is caused either by weather and/or oxidization, or it can just became loose.

Traditionally the roofer cutting a piece out of a sheet of metal fixes most flashing jobs or they can use a pre-formed piece that can be applied with out too much hassle. Depending on your roof or building situation we make that determination once we arrive on the job site.

We always as a company tell our customers that is thinking of doing something themselves to use extreme caution. Reason being our customers is not always familiar with all the necessary steps and do too safety concerns for our clients.

So if you are in need of someone to look at your roof flashing around either your home or business here in the Dallas, Ft Worth Texas area contact us today via phone or via web contact form on this site for a Free Consultation.

We offer roofing services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding Texas areas.

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