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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Repairs and Roof Replacement?

We at B&K Roofing have received a lot of questions and concerns regarding insurance coverage. As much as we want our customers to have their homeowners insurance cover all roof repair and replacement services, there are still fine prints that need to be followed. This article will answer most of your concerns as well as the kinds of damages that can net you an insurance claim.


Know Your Policy

Your insurance policy should list the types of causes of damage –sometimes called, “perils,”– that qualify for a claim. It varies from provider to provider, but the common culprits are wind, fire, and hail damage. It’s important to know your policy inside and out, and be mindful of the types of causes of accidental destruction it covers.


Know the Damage

A good rule of thumb is to take a two-step process to identifying the damage that led you to consider roof repair or replacement.

First, ask yourself if the source of the damage is covered by your policy. This can get tricky when you can’t identify the source of the damage, or if the problem stems from a range of probable causes. Be sure to consult with a qualified roofer for a thorough inspection before filing for a claim.

The second question you have to ask is, “was the damage out of my control?” Insurance policies tend to limit their coverage to accidents, crimes, and acts of nature. If the damage originated from something you purposefully did, such as lighting a conveniently placed fire, then you’re obviously on your own.

If the peril is covered by your insurance policy and was out of your hands, then you should be good to go. Your policy should cover the cost of a repair or replacement, even if the primary complaint is a leak. Just be sure you can prove how that roofing leak originated from a valid cause.

Thinking of filing for a claim to repair or replace your commercial or residential roof? Your safest bet is to trust in the professionals: experienced roofers like B&K Roofing here in the Dallas, Ft Worth Texas area. We’ll work with you to assess the damage and give your roof a treatment to last. Call us today so we can get started. Thank you.

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