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Why is Felt Paper Used on a Roof?

Felt paper in most cases is used to form a release between 2 different type of roof materials, i.e. wood and the asphalt.

However, years ago prior the weatherization of our lumber, it was used to prevent sap from the wood hitting the asphalt shingles backside which would break them down and destroy them. But unlike in the past, this problem no longer exists nor is it relevant in today’s construction.

Lastly, look at felt paper as a lightweight protector from any unwanted damage that may happen on a stormy day. Simply stating if a shingle or tile should break during any storm, with felt paper you at least got some layer of protection to resist any unwanted rain or other ailments for a little bit of time. Depending on how your roof was constructed, you may need different felt weights to protect your home or building.

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