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How to Have an Energy-Efficient Roof?

Here at B&K Roofing, we make it a point to do a thorough job on all our roofing projects. It isn’t enough to get a professional roof installation or carry out a roof replacement on time. We make it a point to see the bigger picture, especially in guaranteeing that your roof will be sustainable and energy-efficient.

Roof design can leave a huge impact on the energy efficiency of any residential or commercial structure. Below are a handful of professional tips on how your roof can help you save on electricity bills.


Try Cool Colors

A quick and sustainable way to keep your home or business cool is by having the roof painted a lighter color i.e. white, light green, or light blue. Thanks to a phenomenon called the albedo effect, cool colors reflect heat off of the surface of your roof, rather than absorbing them.

Avoiding dark colors can cool your roof by as much as 50 to 60 degrees, drastically lowering your energy requirements during hot seasons.


Proper Insulation Can Save You Money

The right insulation materials can do wonders in terms of keeping a building’s temperature in check. Consult with your roofer about the insulation options available on your next construction or replacement project. There are options ranging from the most high-tech (i.e. home foam insulation) to the simplest (i.e. cotton batting).

Note that it may also be wise to leave some open air between your insulation and the materials that compose your roofing. This can help reduce the amounts of moisture trapped within your building, and all the mold and mildew that come along with it.


Select Your Materials Wisely

Metal roofs are dependable bets for energy cost reduction. Likewise, applying reflective coatings to your facade is highly recommended. Work with your contractor or roofer to make smart choices when constructing or remodeling your home or business!

If there’s one thing that defines the B&K Roofing brand of service, it’s efficiency. Call us today to learn more on how we can help you have an energy and environment friendly roof here in the Ft Worth Dallas area. Thank you and have a nice day.

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