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Metal Buildings 

Here at B&K Construction we specialize in metal buildings of all types. Each building can be designed for any purpose whether it is for a commercial or a private residency. We understand each client is going to have different needs which have to be met. Therefore we will spend the time necessary to understand and build a structure which best fits their needs. We look at each Metal Buildings project as an opportunity to show the advanced knowledge that we have developed over the years. Below are a few of metal building types that we have to offer in Dallas, Fort Worth and Texas area.

Types of Metal Buildings

  • Shops – The metal buildings make excellent shops for machinist, mechanics, and any other industrial setting or construction type business.
  • Barns – They make for great barns to house livestock and horses as well as any farming equipment or for the storage of other large machinery.
  • Garages – These buildings make for excellent additions to store antique cars as well as the everyday car you drive.
  • Office Buildings – Metal buildings make for attractive and unique offices, which can be used for the workplace of extremely large groups of employees.
  • Airport Hangers – There is nothing better for storing large aircraft than a string, durable metal building.

Tailored Metal Buildings

Metal buildings here in the DFW area i.e. Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton Texas areas should be constructed in a way, which gives the appropriate protection, storage, and workspace needed to fill the exact needs of the customer.  All metal buildings should be able to stand up to hail, rain, snow, wind, and the sun. They should also be constructed in a way which is attractive to each place of business or residence. B&K Construction metal building experts in Dallas, Fort Worth and Texas area can use their knowledge to construct a building which is useful for the customer as well as pleasing to look at and matches any already existing structure.

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