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Are you tired of subpar construction for your commercial or residential roofing project? Did your last roofer fail to fully repair your roof and you ended up with more cost and headaches? We at B&K Roofing are also tired of hearing stories of frustrations and complaints when it comes to professional roofing services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington TX.

This is why we have made it our mission to deliver only quality roofs, including Roofing Brands and Roofing Types, to all our customers in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. Now, we are extending our invitation to you: Come and try our services here at B&K Construction to find out how it feels like to have real, trusted local construction company handle your roof.

Our two main roofing services include the following:

Residential Roofing – The roof is the main part of your home that shields your family from inclement weather i.e. hail, storm, snow, and extreme sunlight. We have been in the DFW Texas area for many years helping residents get only the best coverage with high quality roofs. From new construction to simple repairs, we have got your home covered.

Commercial Roofing – What separates B&K Construction from other commercial roofing companies is that we know the city from the inside out. Our team of dedicated roofers have experience in building roofs for businesses and industrial properties as well as extensive knowledge in city regulations, permits, and codes that need to be followed.

Why B&K Roofing?

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – B & K Construction roofers are known to go above and beyond the call of duty just to make sure that our customers are satisfied right down to the very last shingle — And we’d like to keep it that way. Our Roofing Contractors in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington TX don’t just aim to please, we aim to satisfy.

All Local Professionals – No project is outsourced. All projects, whether big or small, are strictly performed by our experts roofers in Dallas, Ft Worth. You can count on us to take full responsibility and accountability of every job we accept.

Highly Competitive Pricing – We never short change and we never over price. We strongly believe in a “no-nonsense” transaction, which means that we are here to serve you and give you a great value for your money. This includes no more haggling and going straight to the best price available.

Call us now and schedule an appointment for a free inspection and quotation for all your roofing repair and assessments needs in the Dallas, Ft Worth, Arlington and Texas area. Thank you and have a nice day!

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