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PABCO Roofing

We at B&K Construction are proud to say that when it comes to residential roofing services, we carry the brand PABCO Roofing Products as one of our roofing products or brands. Starting out in Tacoma, Washington in 1984, PABCO is currently producing ten different lines of asphalt shingles.

Below are the four main types of shingles highly recommended for homeowners.

Signature Cut is divided into three types:

Paramount – aside from its durability, it is great for adding a dramatic look on large-scale roofs.

Cascade Signature Cut – with a unique diamond shape that compliments roof with a classic architectural design, these shingles are often used on historical buildings.

Paramount Advantage – the heavyweight shingle version of Paramount which enhances the rooftop. This is mostly used as wood shake roofs’ alternative.

Laminated Roofing has four categories:

Premier Advantage – it is most often installed on buildings located in harsher climates.

PABCO Premier Laminated Fiberglass – considered as one of PABCO’s best-sellers.

Premier Elite Fiberglass – created for design professionals who want a bold and quality appearance as it is mostly used for public and commercial structures like schools and churches.

Premier Professional – time-tested for its quality and value of price.

Solar Reflective Shingles

Premier Radiance Elite Solar Reflective Shingles has a traditional laminated design and a Class 3 Impact rating. You can expect quality without compromising customization with our wide array of colors.

3-Tab Shingles

Tahoma 3-Tab Shingles is a versatile asphalt shingle which offers a more uniform and simple appearance. It is most ideal for classic architectural styles.

Learn more about the main shingles from PABCO Roofing by contacting our team of professionals and scheduling an appointment.

Why B&K Construction?

Aside from being trusted roofing names, both PABCO Roofing Products and B&K Construction LLC have one thing in common: We both started as family-owned businesses. Because of this, we value the welfare and satisfaction of every family that we have helped in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area. Contact us so we can help you for your roofing repair, replacement, and installation needs.

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