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Insurance Claims

Unfortunately things happen and for this a roof can suffer damage from any number of reasons. When this occurs it’s important that a roof is repaired or replaced immediately. While the entire time remaining within all the confines of any home insurance claim that is made.

Keep in mind, any roof left with untreated roof repairs can and will spark a number of incidents that will lead to additional damage to other parts of the home. Thus the main purpose of a roof is to protect the inhabitants inside from both weather and pest will become non-existent. Here at B&K, we been serving the people of the DFW area for years with exceptional levels of service and are prepared to help you get your roof back to a normal working order.

List of Common Home Insurance Claims

Weather Damage – The harsh elements of the Dallas/Fort Worth area are sometimes enough to wreak havoc on a roof. When weather damage happens i.e. hail or wind, it’s important to get it fixed immediately.

Fire Damage – When a fire happens a roof is often the most severely affected.

Rot – Oftentimes rot and mold can occur without a homeowner even knowing, and when it does it may be too late before the effects are spotted.

Pest Damage – Rodents, birds and insects often times cause severe damage to a roof that leads to infestation and damage to other parts of the home.

Why B&K Insurance Claims?

Our years of experience have given us the ability to fix roofs of all types and stay within all the required aspects of an home insurance claim. Our Team of Professionals will work hard and efficiently to return your damaged roof to optimal levels of functionality and keep your insurance company satisfied.

Simple said B&K Construction offers a full suite of residential insurance claim services that can’t be matched. To receive a Free Estimate Contact Us Today either via phone or via the contact form located on this page.

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