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Residential Roof Repair

Even the best built roofs require repairs sometimes. Damage could happen to a roof from weather elements, natural disaster, pest, or the general wear and tear over time. Regardless of how the damage was sustained to your roof it needs to be repaired. The necessary repairs also need to be made fast to prevent any further damage on a roof such as leaks can lead to other severe types damage to the home.

In addition to causing structural damage, a roofs main purpose is to shield the people inside from the harsh elements. B&K understands this and has been serving the people of the DFW area with exceptional commitment and service for years and are ready to take on your roof repair job no matter how big or small.

Common Roof Repairs

Joint Leaks – Joints on any slopes or near the chimney are common areas leaks are found.

Broken, Lost or Cracked Shingles – Water can easily leak through any area where shingles are not functioning properly.

Leaks along the Flashing – Anywhere something jets up through the singles roofers will use flashing. Even the smallest gaps left alone in these areas can turn into major problems.

Why B&K Residential Roof Repair?

Our years of dedicated service and experience have given us the skill to repair any number of conditions that a roof may sustain. Our professional team of experienced roofers will work effectively to get your roof back to its original levels of functionality.

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