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Residential Roof Replacement

One of our goals here at B&K Construction is to provide quality and affordable roofing services for residential projects. This is why when it comes to roof replacement, we make sure that our customers only get the best roofing material and options based on their needs, preferences, and budget.

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As a trusted name when it comes to residential roof replacement in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area. We are extending our invite to you, to join the growing list of families satisfied with their new roofs by B&K Construction.

Common Reasons for Roof Replacement

Roof Life Span – Whether it is an old house or a suburban residence, most residential roofs that go beyond 20 years need to be replaced.

Broken Shingles – These include Curling, Buckling, and Missing shingles.

Roof Leaks – We will see it if your roof leak can still be repaired, but if not, we have to resort to a replacement to avoid damages expenses from rotting or molding.

Storm or Hail Damage – Extreme weather conditions bring damage beyond repair to even the most well-built roof.

Remodeling Project – Many homeowners and real estate professionals replace the residential roof to boost the property value.

Upon inspection, we take into consideration the size of your roof, the materials needed, its pitch or positioning, and the environment and weather conditions of your home so we can further provide you with a wide array of roof replacement options to choose from.

Why B&K Residential Roof Replacement?

Through the years more and more families have placed their trust on B&K Construction because of our genuine concern about the welfare of their homes. Whether it is roof repair, roof replacement, or new roofing construction, rest assured that we place great importance in your family’s safety and your budget.

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