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Cedar Roofs

While it’s important to have highly functional roof, here at B&K Construction we also believe that your roof should add to the look of the building and match the surrounding area. Since we have advanced knowledge and experience in working with residential & commercial cedar roofs. We will be able to give you a fair and accurate estimate on cost and the time needed for the work done on your roof. Lastly since cedar roofs are natural, aesthetically pleasing, and add a down to earth feeling to any building or structure. We offer various sizes, thicknesses, and stains for your convenience below are just a few options.

Types of Cedar Roofs

Red Cedar – Although this isn’t necessarily a type of roof, this is the most commonly type of wood used in North America for cedar roofs so we thought it relevant. It comes in a variety of attractive colors and is highly durable.

Cedar Shake – These are split from wooden blocks of cedar, they are not as uniformed in width or thickness as shingles and are often times grooved. They will often times be seen with a taper and give a very rustic appearance to the building.

Cedar Shingles – These are sawn from wooden blocks and are tapered also, they usually have a very smooth surface. They are made with a uniformed thickness and make fancy style roofs. They come in two types, sawn and sanded; the sawn closely represent the shake style shingle while the sanded are usually smoother in appearance.

Why B&K Roofing?

We will use our specialized knowledge to match your cedar roof in every way to your needs and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We have all the latest tools and equipment needed to install your cedar roof on your home or building. Our vast experience in installing cedar roofs on every type of building imaginable gives us the needed skill and expertise to handle any job. We only use the best available materials and deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Simple said B&K Construction offers a full suite of cedar roofing options that can’t be matched. To receive a Free Estimate Contact Us Today either via phone or via the contact form located on this page.

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