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Tile Roofing

B&K Construction not only seeks to build you a versatile high functioning roof, but also to build it in a way which matches the current conditions and standards. Our belief is that a roof should not only be functional, but also pleasing to look at and match the aesthetics of the building. Our in depth knowledge of tile roofs will be utilized to deliver you an honest estimate and realistic time frame on the roofing project. Lastly, our experience and reputation has given us the credit to be considered as an authority in the tile roofing industry for both residential & commercial projects. Below are just a few options that we have available for tile roofs.

Types of Tile Roofs

Cement Tiles – These can be used for any type of style or application. They are fireproof and are available in several styles and shapes. They are most commonly used in new construction.

Slate Tiles – Typically found on colonial style buildings, they have a very distinct look to them and are also fireproof. They have a considerable lifespan, and require low maintenance.

Concrete Fiber Reinforced – These can be made to look like nearly every other type of tile. They are most often used to impersonate shake, tile, or stone; they are light weight, fire resistant and insect resistant.

Metal Tile – These can be made from several types of metal, they work will on contemporary buildings. They can be made to resemble wood shingles and tile and come in variety of colors and. They have a lifespan of at least 50 years, and can usually be installed over an existing roof.

Synthetic – Tile roofs of this type can be made to look like any other tile. They are highly weather resistant, and more durable than natural materials. They have a lengthy lifespan, and are both impact and fire resistant making them perfect protection against the harsh elements of Fort Worth Texas.

Why B&K Roofing?

Simple said B&K Construction offers a full suite of tile roofing options that can’t be matched in the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas market. To receive a Free Estimate Contact Us Today either via phone or via the contact form located on this page.

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