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Types of Siding

Here at B&K Construction, we offer a wide arrangement or siding options for both residential and commercial buildings in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas Area. All of our services will be tailored to specifically meet the needs of the customer. We understand that residential and commercial siding jobs require different needs in terms of the products and services used during the job. We therefore look at each project as a unique opportunity to display the specialized knowledge that our siding professionals have developed for all types of siding jobs whether it be commercial or residential.

Different Types of Siding

Vinyl SidingThis is a plastic siding that is typically used on houses and can be made to look like wood or other materials. It is durable and offers great protection to the elements.

Metal SidingMetal siding comes in a wide array of styles and colors. It’s typically used in modern age industrial building with a retro look.

Aluminum SidingAnother type of metal, but aluminum is typically used where a more durable finish is required.

Hardi Plank Siding – This is a type of fiber cement siding that is used to cover the exterior of a building it is used in both commercial and residential applications. Hardi Plank siding is a fiber cement composite material made of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers.

Why B&K Construction?

B&K Construction has the specialized knowledge, skill, and expertise to deliver on each and every style of siding and job type here in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.

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