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Aluminum Siding

Not all areas have the same effect on establishments. Some properties are more exposed to wear and tear conditions than others. This is why we at B&K Construction always assess first how much protection your home or business needs before we recommend a product or service.

Consider Aluminum Siding as the heavy duty siding you’ve been waiting for. It has come a long way from being a simple stop-gap replacement material during World War II to the customizable modern-day siding we have today.

Benefits of Aluminum Siding

Cost Effective – Did you know that aluminum is more than 50% more affordable than other types of siding? One reason why many industrial properties always go for this material is the huge amount of money they always save. It is relatively lightweight, which means less cost in installation and replacement. It also requires lower maintenance and even when worn out it can be salvaged for recycling.

Pest, Fire, & Rust Proof – Aluminum siding eliminates any worry about pests i.e. carpenter ants and termites as well as other potential headaches such as fire, fungus, rust, mold, warping, swelling, corrosion, and cracking.

Great Insulation – We often recommend aluminum to homeowners who live in colder areas or for businesses that need to properly regulate the temperature of their storage area or warehouse. This type of metal is great in insulation, which will help you save on electricity bills.

Why B&K Siding?

One of the things we at B&K Construction take pride in is our ability to provide quality siding services and products at a price that cannot be outmatched. One example is how many of our customers are amazed at the kind of extra-ordinary aluminum siding we always deliver.

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