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Metal Siding

Metal is one of the most practical materials when it comes to choosing the right type of siding. Before, it was the popular option for mostly business or industrial properties, but now, even your home can maximize its benefits. We at B&K Construction can make high quality Metal Siding happen for both residential and commercial purposes.

Benefits of Metal Siding

Low Maintenance – Metal Siding requires minimal attention. All you need is superior quality of metal and the right installation and your siding can last up to fifty years — some even more. You also don’t have to worry about weather damage because metal can help protect your home from snow, rain, winds, frost, and heat. Coupled with protective coating or paint and bi-annual cleaning, your metal siding doesn’t need much maintenance to shine.

High Durability – There is a reason why metal siding is the go-to material of commercial establishments. It can withstand the average wear and tear. You also don’t have to worry about warping, cracking, and chipping that much. It will take years before your siding shows signs of corrosion and even then you can give it a facelift with a fresh coat of paint.

Pest, Mold, and Fire Resistant – Insect damage is one of the biggest concerns among siding, but with metal, you don’t have to worry. It is completely pest-resistant which will help you save on repellents and possible repairs over time. In addition, we recommend this type to fire-prone areas or homes exposed to storms and lightning since it is impervious to fire. Metal siding also cannot absorb water so there is no threat of growing mold or fungus.

Why B&K Siding?

Metal siding is proven to be extremely beneficial for any type of property, and to make sure that your money’s worth, it needs to be supplied and installed by the right people. Look no further than B&K . We will make sure that your next siding does not leave problems in the future with our quality service and headaches in the present with our affordable rates.

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