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Solar Screens in Dallas, Fort Worth TX

As a local business here in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, we at B&K Construction understand more than anyone the need to protect your property from the harsh sun and seasonal insects. We also make it a point to help our customers in keeping their home or business efficient and cost-effective. This is where our high quality Solar Screens come in.

Solar Screens are becoming more of a necessity than accessory because of their incredible benefits to any property. They serve as stellar protection for your furniture and carpeting against harmful UV rays. They can lower electricity bills by up to 25% while help add privacy if needed. These benefits along with glare reduction, heat absorption, and potential boost in curb appeal are some of the reasons why solar screens are a worthy investment in Dallas, Fort Worth and Texas area.

Types of Solar Screens

  • 60% Solar Screens – This is the safest option if you are more after a solar screen similar to insect screens. Areas less exposed to harsh sunlight often use this type. Many homes also use this for their patios to keep mosquitoes out.
  • 70% Solar Screens – This is the solar screen that we have been familiar with throughout the years. It has a nice clean look with a fairly decent air flow and sun protection. Many homeowners have this installed in the front of their house for a clear view.
  • 80% Solar Screens – There is a reason why this is the best seller among all types of solar screens. 80% is considered as the perfect combination of ventilation, lighting, and UV protection. It will generally help cool your home or business without sacrificing visibility and natural light. Plus, this and 90% Solar Screens are already hail and pet resistant.
  • 90% Solar Screens – We often recommend this type of solar screen to areas that require the most protection from sunlight and privacy from the outside. It also generates the maximum results in terms of glare and heat removal.

Why B&K Solar Screens?

We at B&K Construction have a dedicated team capable of Solar Screen design, installation, and replacement in Dallas, Fort Worth TX. Regardless of the type of screen that you want to be installed, we guarantee a hassle-free and no nonsense service plus a trusted warranty.

Call us now and schedule an appointment for a free solar screen inspection and quotation. Thank you and have a nice day!

Call us now and schedule an appointment for a FREE Solar Screen Estimate. Thank you and have a nice day!

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