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Anderson Windows

We at B&K Construction are a proud distributor of Andersen Windows, a trusted name in building residential and commercial windows since 1903. Producing windows for more than 115 years means a serious level of dedication and discipline to the craft. This is why Andersen Windows is considered one of America’s best window manufacturers. This is also why B&K Construction brings the brand closer to our customers in Dallas Fort Worth for all types of Window Solutions.

Main Products Offered

Click here to view the main window types Andersen Windows has to offer. Not sure which type you’re looking for? Call us today and we would be more than happy to give you a quick tour.

Other Products Featured

One of the great things about Andersen Windows is that their selections of windows extend beyond the traditional design and function. They also have the Contemporary Selections From The Andersen Style Library which are all more of showcasing modern style architecture.

Industrial Modern – The minimalistic and elegant combination of metal, concrete, and wood — all influenced by things you might see in a factory. A popular choice among urban homes.

International Modern – The design best for those who prefer function over style. Inspired by French/Swiss architect Le Corbusier who focuses on no frills architecture.

Miesian Modern – The style perfect for residences that can be converted to commercial properties or home office. Known for utilizing steel structure as additional support.

What Makes Andersen Windows Different?

One of the Best Residential Window Brands – Andersen Windows is serious in helping build dream homes through durable and beautiful residential windows. In fact, the company was recently recognized with the Outstanding Customer Satisfaction with Windows and Patio Doors by J.D. Power (2017).

Top-Notch Materials – The company has a dedicated team of engineers in constantly innovating as well as maintaining the stellar quality of materials. They are known for Wood, Vinyl, Composite, Aluminum, and Fiberglass Windows that are made to last for years.

Innovation in Design – Are you worried that elegant and creative windows could be well beyond your capacity and price point? We have just the solution for you. Anderson Windows guarantees windows straight out of magazines! They have a wide variety of collections and customization options and we will help you select the perfect window type that will match your preferences and budget.

Why B&K Windows?

Here at B&K Construction, we believe that every home deserves residential windows that are safe, beautiful, and still affordable. We bring Andersen Windows to your doorstep along with a very comprehensive warranty as well as a guarantee that all materials we use are of high quality.

Call us now and schedule an appointment for a free inspection and quotation. Thank you and have a nice day!

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