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Window Types

Through the years windows have evolved beyond providing ample sunlight and ventilation. We at B&K Construction, in fact, have an incredibly wide array of window types & window styles for both residential and commercial purposes that are not only functional, but also meet every customer’s needs, style, and budget.

Choosing the right kind of window style or type can be overwhelming. Fortunately for homeowners and business owners here in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, we are here to assist you every step of the way, from our free inspection to the actual installation process.

Below is a quick tour of the main windows that we offer. Call us today to know more about each and to see which will fit your home or business. We guarantee that by end of your selection process with us, we will have the perfect type of window for you.

  • Awning Windows – Hinged at the top and open outwardly, awning windows are great for air circulation and ventilation even during rain.
  • Bay Windows – Usually with three openings, bay windows have a curved design and outward opening which is great for adding space and a cozier feel to any area.
  • Bow Windows – With four or five sides, bow windows bring in more light and are usually installed in the corner of a building or house.
  • Casement Windows – They are highly recommended for maximum ventilation and blocking outside noise.
  • Gliding Windows – These are great for rooms facing walkways, porches, terraces, or decks because of their sliding feature.
  • Picture Windows – From the name itself, picture windows are used to maximize or capture the outside view. These stationary and non-opening windows bring more light to the room.
  • Single Hung Windows – Often household staples, these windows have bottom panels that can slide up for ventilation.
  • Double Hung Windows – They look the same as single hung windows except both the top and bottom sides can slide to open for more air to pass through.
  • Garden Windows – These are perfect for plant lovers because they open outwardly and allot a space where you can have your own small indoor greenhouse.
  • Basement Windows – Hinged at the bottom and open outwardly, these are used for circulating air in the basement. Many businesses also build a larger version of this called egress windows to serve as an additional fire exit.
  • Skylights – Also called roof windows, skylights serve as a part of the ceiling or roof that lets you view the sky anytime of the day. These are great for viewing nature and changes in season, and not to mention bringing in a lot of sunlight.
  • Fixed Windows – They are also called stationary windows because they cannot be moved or opened, and like picture windows, are mainly for appreciating the outside view. They are often placed along the stairs or attic.
  • Storm Windows – These are the padded protection you need against extreme weather conditions i.e. hail, snow, and storm.
  • Safety Windows – As a business owner, safeguard the welfare of your employees, customers and property with safety windows. As a homeowner, protect your family from burglaries or intruders and your kids from potential accidents.
  • Partition Windows – Save money and at the same time create an illusion of a bigger space for your office or building with partition windows.
  • Transom Windows – These are narrow windows often placed above the door to help control air circulation.
  • Jalousie Windows – Low-cost and traditional windows excellent for ventilation and often used for houses located in warmer climates.
  • Single Block Windows – Uniquely thick and stylish, these are great for additional privacy and security.
  • Store Front Windows – In need of large panel glasses? Say now more. We have helped numerous businesses with incredibly durable store front windows.
  • Specialty Windows – If you are looking for a particular shape or material that is not mentioned above, we can customize your ideal window.

Why B&K Construction?

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – What makes us a trusted in DFW is our ability to never be outmatched in terms of quality of workmanship and customer service. Our goal is to make sure that you get what you asked for, and even more!
  • Wide Variety of Window Types and Materials – We have one of the biggest selections in the area. You  can rest assure that each type is only made of quality Window Material and coming from a trusted Window Brand.
  • Team of Professionals – Our team of experts are well-trained and equipped with years of experience in handling all types of windows.

Call us now and schedule an appointment for a free inspection and quotation. Thank you and have a nice day!

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