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Awning Windows

We at B&K Construction believe that every establishment may that be a home or a commercial building has a particular kind of window to match. When it comes to meeting a certain residential or commercial window need, one of our most popular recommendations in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area are Awning Windows.

Unlike the popular gliding windows, Awning Windows have hinges on top and swing open outwardly. This kind of mechanism can match certain types of weather conditions, needs, and preferences. For instance, many homeowners use Awnings for their bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and space above the doorway. They are also great for industrial buildings and commercial basements.

Benefits of Awning Windows

Weather Proofing – Texas is a hotbed of inclement weather, and this is why Awning Windows are perfect for the area. When closed, their air-tight seal works wonders in keeping moisture from seeping in and causing damage. The pressure seal also helps withstand impact from strong winds.

Excellent Ventilation – When opened, these windows create an awning effect and let air flow while preventing water from entering. It is highly advisable to place Awning Windows in high areas to allow maximum air flow and natural light passing through.

Noise Reduction + Privacy + Security – One reason why they are great for bathrooms is that one can fully open them for ventilation and light without worrying about privacy. With high quality glass, we can help you upgrade your security and lessen external noise as well.

Versatility – We have a wide variety of Window Frames and Materials to choose from, i.e. vinyl, wood, aluminum. Another benefit of Awning Windows is that they can be placed in most rooms and can complement other kinds of windows.

Attractive Design – Rain or shine, you have an unobstructed view with these windows. Also, their simple designs are often used to create a modern, minimalist look.

Why B&K Construction?

We at B&K Construction have built a solid reputation in Ft Worth mainly because of our 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee. This includes making sure that installation, repair, and replacement services for Awning Windows are done effectively and efficiently.

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