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Bay Windows

One of the most popular and undoubtedly elegant window types we have here at B&K Construction is the Bay Windows. Dating back to the 18th Century and appearing as a common feature among Colonial and Victorian style residences, these windows are considered timeless pieces among any American home.

Bay Windows are similar to bow windows; except they have two to three sides and they can fit to more kinds of residential and even commercial spaces. If you are looking for repair, replacement, or installation of new Bay Windows, give us a call now and we’ll have our professionals help you with the selection of design and material.

Types of Bay Windows

Casement Bay Windows – This is an incredibly versatile Bay Window that can work for any season and can withstand most weather conditions. It is also great for keeping out noise and saving energy through proper insulation.

Double-Hung Bay Windows – Usually recommended for houses in warmer climates, this budget-friendly window type is fairly easy to clean and maintain.

Other Types of Bay Windows

Box Bay Window – This is composed of two smaller window panes flanking a larger one in the middle at a 90-degree angle to form a box-like shape. In doing so it opens up a new space which can serve as additional storage option, comfy sitting area, or shelf for plants.

Oriel Bay Window – This classic style tracing back to the Middle Ages in Europe and the Middle East is usually placed on the upper level of the building or house, supported by brackets or corbels. It is often used to add dimension on the outside and create an illusion of space on the inside.

Circle Bay Window – The largest Bay Window type, this is the perfect choice for taking advantage of the view and letting in natural light. It is often placed in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining nooks.

Why B&K Construction?

As a family-owned business, we at B&K Construction always have our hearts set in providing only the best quality of residential windows at a reasonable price. If you are looking for that perfect Bay Window for your home, we guarantee that our wide selection will not be outmatched here in Fort Worth Dallas.

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