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Bow Windows

Are you thinking of upgrading your house or building with a new window? We at B&K Construction might just have what you are looking for.

Bow Windows is a type of projection window that has four to six sides and is usually installed in the corner or a wide panel of a room. The sides can be combinations of casement or double hung windows. These are usually compared to their smaller brother, the bay windows, but the biggest difference is that they are far larger and provide a wider unobstructed view.

Benefits of Bow Windows

Excellent View – This window type is one of the best options for a panoramic view. Unlike gliding windows, you can install blinds or add curtains in separate panels for optional privacy.

More Space – We usually recommend Bow Windows for spacious rooms or offices because of their potential to create an even bigger illusion of size, especially if they are installed in the corners.

Great Ventilation – If one casement window provides ample airflow, imagine a combination of four to six of them in one room.

Natural Light Source – This type of window is often curved to create a three-dimensional effect and to funnel more light in.

Boost in Curb Appeal – The premium design of Bow Windows alone will increase the value of your home or building by a mile.

Why B&K Construction?

There are many construction and window companies here in DFW area, but there are only a few that can deliver high quality service without burning a hole in your budget. This is what we offer here at B&K Construction. We provide various kinds of window and roofing services, i.e. installation, repair, and replacement for both residential and commercial purposes with the main goal of 100% Customer Satisfaction.

For your Bow Window needs, call us now so we can schedule a free inspection and quotation. Thank you and have a nice day!

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