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Casement Windows

We at B&K Construction always tell our customers that the primary purpose of windows is to serve as strong defense of any home or business. Considering the year-round weather changes in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area, we always opt for high quality materials and service before anything else. This is where Casement Windows come in.

Casement Windows are the no frills, no non-sense choice for any homeowner or business owner. We provide repair, replacement, and new construction of this window type, and we would be happy to help you find the best one for your needs and budget.

Types of Casement Windows

Single Casement Window – Known as the standard choice, it has a single frame, which contains panels of glass called lights. The lights can open inwardly or outwardly (depending on the design and mount). This type is affordable, but can last for years with only minimal damage.

Double Casement Window – Originally called French Casement Windows, this type has two panels hinged on opposite sides, swinging out and meeting in the middle. It is sophisticated looking, and yet easy to clean.

Push Out Casement Window – This is the least common choice because it uses a handle instead of a crank in operation. However, if you can get used to its unique mechanism, you will be able to feel its smoother turn and flow.

Fixed Casement Window – From the name itself, this type of Casement Window cannot be closed or can be opened only at a small angle. Similar to picture windows, it is mainly for maximizing view and letting as much natural light in as possible.

Why B&K Construction?

The best thing about Casement Windows is that they are both attractive and functional — in a way similar to the values we uphold here at B&K Construction. We guarantee to all our customers that all window repair, replacement, and new construction will be done efficiently and effectively under an attractive or reasonable price.

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