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Jalousie Windows

We at B&K Construction are among the few all around construction companies in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas that can provide even the most unique Window Types. One of which are Jalousie Windows for residential and commercial establishments.

Nowadays the term “jalousie” is not as a prevalent name in homes as it was before. You will likely have seen this window type when you were in houses in warmer climates or vacation establishments i.e. resorts, cabins, hotels, restaurants. They have horizontal slats layered on top of each other that look like sidings or shingles from afar.

We have Jalousie Windows made of the strongest materials available, i.e. thick glass, wood, and aluminum. Call us any time to know more about how these can help your home or business.

Benefits of Jalousie Windows

Excellent Ventilation — The beauty is that their slant design is great for air flow while keeping out water from light rain. They can also be opened while still blocking direct sunlight. These are the very reasons why Jalousie Windows are often found in tropical areas.

Easy to Repair — Broken glasses is not a major issue with type of window. You can save a lot of money and effort in repairs because they just need to have the slat or portion replaced/fixed without having to touch the rest of the window.

Affordable — These windows are comparatively more affordable than most types in terms of installation and maintenance.

Safe and Easy to Use — One of the best features of Jalousie Windows is the hand crank. This lever makes opening and closing easier and safer. Many retirement facilities and aging in place homes use these windows for the safety and accessibility of seniors.

Why B&K Construction?

We at B&K Construction will never be outmatched in terms of standards of work, quality of materials, and affordability. You can count on us to apply this in every Window Type we create and in all services we offer. These include New Construction, Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance of Jalousie Windows.

Call us now and schedule an appointment for a free inspection and quote. Thank you and have a nice day!

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