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Partition Windows

There is a reason why Partition Windows are all the rage in commercial establishments and even in modern homes. They are elegant and incredibly functional. In fact, we at B&K Construction have been receiving more requests on construction of Partition Windows than ever.

Is your business ready for an upgrade? We’ve got you covered. Our team offers affordable Partition Windows for office spaces, shops, industrial buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, and more in Dallas, Fort Worth.

Types of Partition Windows

Movable Windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding and Stacking Windows

Fixed Windows

Folding Windows

Acoustic Glass Windows

Benefits of Partition Windows

Privacy + Noise Reduction — The great thing about these windows is that the glass doesn’t always have to be crystal clear. You can have it textured, tinted, glazed, or stained to increase privacy. Many types of glass and their thickness can also help in soundproofing.

Improved Productivity — Office Glass Partition Windows separate employees like a divider but without the feeling of being cut off from each other. Glass partitions also allow employers or supervisors oversee production as well as encourage employee accountability.

Low Maintenance — Cleaning glass only requires common cleaning materials and solution. You only need cloth and window cleaning solution. It is also easier to spot dust, dirt, or sign of breakage.

Enhanced Lighting – Partition Windows allow natural light to fill the room, making it a brighter and more fun space to work in. These also help in lessening the need for artificial light, and in doing so reducing energy cost.

Design Flexibility – Window Partitions are not contained by one style or design. They are great for almost every time of establishment because they can be customized to fit your one’s particular needs.

Why B&K Construction?

High quality glass and a good window design can only take you so far. The secret to the best Partition Windows are the people behind the installation. You can count on B&K Construction to be your go-to window team for your Partition Window’s New Construction, Repair, and Replacement. Our level of professionalism guarantees 100% Customer Satisfaction every time.

Call us now and schedule an appointment for a free inspection and quote. Thank you and have a nice day!

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