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Transom Windows

Many of us here at B&K Construction are genuine architecture enthusiasts. In fact, our passion can be seen on how we create and personalize different Window Types. We have an incredibly wide variety of windows, ranging from contemporary to the classics. If you’re looking for something elegant that can complement the design of your home or business, then Transom Windows might just be for you.

Transom Windows are rectangular, angled, or fan-shaped and placed at the top of a door or a main window. They were first spotted in 14th Century Europe solely as decorative pieces. Eventually the style made its way to the US, mainly in high end houses in New Orleans. At that time Transom Windows were designed to show the family’s wealth and taste.

B&K Construction provides Transom Windows for all types of residential and commercial spaces in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. The windows can be made of different glass types and frames, i.e. vinyl, wood, and aluminum.

Benefits of Transom Windows

Great Accent and Complement in Architecture — We make sure that the Transom Windows we create for our customers will complement the shape of the door or window and the theme of the house. The frame can be minimalist and modern, while the glass can be European or Mediterranean in detail to be more on the classic side.

Unique Style — Make your hallway or window panel look one of a kind with the help of Transom Windows. These windows are timeless pieces that can make even the simplest doors stand out.

More Natural Light — These windows add another source of ambient light without going overboard. Since they are positioned way above the eye level, they bring in more light without compromising privacy.

Additional Ventilation — Many commercial establishments like spas and restaurants place need more air flow but don’t want to open the main windows or doors. Transom Windows can provide more air flow without having to do so.

Why B&K Construction?

The key to a beautiful Transom Window is getting people who have the right combination of taste in architecture and skill in executing the ideas. B&K Construction has a dedicated team of window experts who can give you the perfect Transom Windows that are not only beautiful, but also functional.

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