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We proudly serve the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex πŸ™ and surrounding communities.

Aboveboard Construction LLC. is a full service roofing and remodeling contractor located in Boyd,TX. We specialize in quality roof replacement and remodeling services for your home or commercial business. Our team of roofers and contractors offer free estimates and we work with all insurance providers. We will even handle the claim process for you. From new roofs, roof repair, and siding, to exterior and interior remodels, our team of contractors have you covered. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate or to ask us any questions.


Some of the roofing products and roof services we offer include:

  • Three-tab shingles
  • Architectural shingles
  • Cedar shake shingles
  • Tile roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • New construction
  • Complete re-roofs
  • Tearoffs
  • Flat roofs
  • Siding, Soffit, Fascia, and Gutter Cleanout

Flat Roof Replacement

A full replacement may be required depending on:(1) storm damage(2) the age of your roof(3) severe leaks or structural damage

Metal Roofing Installation

Standing Seam – vertical metal roofing panels, installed over a solid roof deck or over space sheeting / battens. Standing seam metal roofs are available in architectural and structural profiles:

Architectural Standing Seam – snap-lock or mechanical lock design with concealed fasteners. Uses 22-26 gauge steel, .032-.040 aluminum, 16 oz copper, Zinc or other premium metals. Painted standing seam uses Kynar 500 premium 7-layer baked on coating.

Sheet Metal Panels with Exposed Fasteners

Corrugated and R-panels – usually lower gauge and quality steel (29 gauge G-60 galvanized steel – not as thick as G-90 26 gauge steel) panels, installed directly over roof deck or battens, without underlayment / vapor barrier, using roof-penetrating fasteners with neoprene / rubber washers or gaskets. Most common profiles include corrugated steel panels, R-panel, V5 crimp panel, etc. Exposed fastener metal roofing is typically painted with lower quality (as compared to Kynar 500) acrylic paint. This acrylic paint will usually lasts 15-20 years, while the exposed fasteners will require resealing and re-tightening after about 10 to 15 years. β€” These systems are not very suitable for complicated / cut-up roofs, as their flashing details are not designed for multiple roof penetrations, valleys and pitch changes.You can learn how to install a standing seam metal roof. – The guide covers preparing a roof deck and installing roofing underlayment, installing a starter strip, the first metal roof panel, field panels, doing sidewall flashing, valley flashing and installing hip / ridge cap. Contains standing seam installation videos.Metal Shingles – Interlocking design metal panels installed in horizontal rows, over properly ventilated solid roof deck. Metal shingles roof is a true architectural metal roof – you can choose from many profiles of metal shingles that imitate natural slate, cedar shingles and shakes, concrete and clay tile, asphalt shingles, etc.Compared to standing seam, metal shingles are usually less expensive to buy, and they also happen to cost less to install. Metal shingles offer more flexibility for a roofing contractor, in terms of greater variety of readily available metal flashing details for almost any roof penetration.

Metal shingles can also be installed on round-shaped towers, whereas standing seam cannot, unless a very expensive and sophisticated rolling equipment is used in manufacturing of custom designed sheet metal roofing panels.

Metal roofing is by far one of the greenest and longest lasting types of roofing materials. Professionally installed metal roofs will protect your home from rain, snow, high winds / hurricanes, ice dams, fires, lightening, etc. No other type of roof will stand up to the power of nature as well as a metal roof.

In addition to superior waterproofing and water-shedding properties, metal roofing also makes your home look beautiful, making it the envy of the neighborhood.A metal roof can improve the comfort of your home. The thermal properties of metal roofs will keep your attic space cooler in the summer, and a Cool Roof coating will further improve the reflectivity of your roof. In the winter, a metal roof will act as a natural barrier against ice dams formation.

Most of the snow accumulating on your roof will actually slide off of the roof before it has a chance to freeze, but even if it does freeze along the eaves of your roof, the design of metal roofing panels will prevent any water from traveling up and penetrating your roof.

Basic Materials and System Types:

There are many types and styles of metal roofing, as well as many types of metal alloys used in manufacturing of metal coils from which products are made. Here, we list the most common and popular types of metal roofing, as well as a detailed overview of each metal roof material type:Basic Metal Roof Pricing:Metal roofing prices are something of a mystery for many homeowners, and can also vary greatly from region to region. Metal roofs are generally more expensive to install than a typical asphalt shingles roof – about 2.5 to 3 times more. However, if you consider the lifetime cost of a metal roof vs. an asphalt shingles roof, you will see that on a per-year basis, a metal roof is actually about 25-30% less than asphalt shingles.
Simple math will show that an average asphalt shingles roof with a price tag of $7,500 and is like to last for 15 years, will cost $500 per year, on a per year basis. A metal roof costing $18,000 (almost 3 times the cost of an asphalt shingles roof) installed on the same house and lasting for 60+ years, will cost you only $300 per year, not to mention the ongoing energy savings, and curb appeal.
If you also subtract all the future β€œwould be” roof and interior repairs associated with the end of a life of a typical asphalt shingles roof – that time when your roof starts to leak, your ceilings, walls and carpets get ruined and you have to get up in the middle of the night to put up the buckets whenever it rains – a metal roof suddenly becomes far more appealing.





1. Give your insurance carrier a call and file a claim for hail damage to your property incurred from the past storm.

2. The insurance company will either schedule a time for an adjuster to come out and inspect the damages, or the adjuster will call you to schedule a time. It is important to schedule a specific time to meet this adjuster. If possible, take down the ADJUSTER’S NAME and CONTACT NUMBER.

3. CALL your SALES REPRESENTATIVE with ABOVEBOARD CONSTRUCTION LLC. and give them the SCHEDULED TIME so they can MEET your insurance company ADJUSTER.** This will insure a proper damage assessment of the property by the insurance company, and expedite the process by allowing both the contractor and the insurance adjuster to be on site simultaneously.

The following information will help you understand the process and inform you about what to expect during your roof replacement.

Delivery of Materials– You will be notified of the delivery of your roof or siding materials. The supplier will arrive with a large truck and forklift. The pallets will be placed as not to damage the landscaping. We need close proximity to the house to transport materials from the ground to the roof. Parking arrangements should be made if vehicles are in the garage.

Homeowner PreparationYou may need to inspect the interior of your home for delicate irreplaceable items located on shelves or attached walls. Decorative items hanging walls may need to be removed Arrival Of The Work Crew– The work crew will arrive within a few days of the delivery of your materials. They may not necessarily arrive first thing in the morning to begin the process. We generally let you know the day before work starts, but sometimes we get busy and call the day when in route.The crew will show up with a disposal trailer (in most cases) which must be positioned very close to the house/building. Th is will allow us to dispose of the old ROOF material directly into the trailer. It may be necessary for us to have access to electricity for your installation. If readily available access to the electricity is not obtainable, PLEASE CALL.

The Installation Process– Your job will progress as rapidly as possible. Normally, you can expect us to complete your roofing job within 1 day; however, the more complex jobs will take extra time to complete. Th ere will be considerable noise involved inside your home. Pets and children may need to be comforted during this inconvenience. Please allow us full access to the perimeter of your home by unlocking gates, moving automobiles, keeping pets put up & etc. Cleanup will progress along with the job. Upon completion, your property will be thoroughly cleaned up, as if we had never been there.

Payment- Unless other arrangements are made, payment is due upon completion of each job. Please give payment to the crew leader. Upon the completion of your project (if it’s an insurance job) we invoice your insurance company for recoverable depreciation and any supplements due. The insurance company will mail the checks to you. Any balances you owe will be due upon receipt of the final check. Any additional money in addition of original amount due to us putting in a supplemental invoice for unseen or underestimated damage is due in full to ABOVEBOARD Construction LLC. upon receipt of check from insurance company. Your warranty will be in affect upon final payment of balance.



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“Aboveboard Construction replaced my roof and gutters and did a great job” – Rebecca K.

“They made the whole process so easy” – Steve R.

“I would definitely recommend this company they did exactly what they said they would do and went above and beyond on every aspect of my roof and patio roof!” – Vicki L.

“Very good company and very honest on what needs to be done. I would definitely recommend Aboveboard Constuction LLC. they finished the job as promised on time.” – Erica E.

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