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Hail Damage Roofing Services in Dallas, Ft Worth

Anyone who has lived in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area for any number of years knows that hail can be one of the most devastating aspects of weather in the area. There is nothing quite like a hail storm, and when the giant pieces that Texas is known for hit the delicate shingles of a roof they can wreak havoc.

Shingles can be destroyed outright but are more commonly cracked and loosened allowing water to seep through and cause internal damage to a home or business. B&K Construction has been repairing and replacing hail damage roofing in the DFW area are Arlington, Dallas, Ft Worth and texas area for years and is ready to get your roof back to its normal level of functioning.

Effects of Hail Damage

– Missing or Damaged Shingles – A hail storm can knock off several shingles or cause damage to a large amount requiring replacement.

– Roof Leaks – Holes and lost shingles from hail damage may lead to leaks and bigger internal structural damages.

– Divots and Cracks – Roofs of all types can incur cracks and divots leading to water pooling or other problems.

Why B&K Construction?

Years of experience in dealing with hail damage roofing has given us the edge over our competitors. Our team of professional roofing specialist will work diligently to fix any damage your roof has sustained as a result of hail damage in Arlington, Dallas, Ft Worth and texas area. In just a short time we will have your roof operating at its normal level of functionality. We always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with every job.

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If you are located in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area and have recently been struck by hail it may have incurred damage. We can answer any questions you may have and schedule an appropriate time for a free consultation in Hail Damage Roofing and our roofers can give you an estimate on repairing your home or business from hail damage roofing service.


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